Why Are There So Few Wearable Apps?


The wearable device market continues to grow at a breakneck pace with many new products being introduced in addition to existing ones like Google Glass, Pebble, Galaxy Gear and Sony Smartwatch.

But there doesn’t seem to be as many wearable apps being developed to keep pace.   Apart from the Pebble app store that boasts over 1,000 apps and Sony Smartwatch with 200 apps, many of the other established wearable devices like Galaxy Gear have less than 100 apps.  So the obvious question is, why are there so few wearable apps?

According to a recent Business Insider report, part of the issue appears to be a highly fragmented developer environment and the fact that each device has its own platform so an app developed for one device will not work on another.

The wearable apps market needs help from Google or Apple to step in and dominate the ecosystem.  But first, both company’s need to make it easy for developers to translate their existing phone or tablet based apps into useable wearable apps.  From there, we will see a huge explosion in wearable apps for all.

Source: Business Insider